Renovation vs. Restoration vs. Remodelling

Part of being a homeowner means that every now and then you need to make some improvements to maintain the property in a good condition, to increase its value or to change in a way so that it can better respond to the current needs of your family. If you are thinking of making a few changes around your house and to call in a team of handymen who can offer you safe carpentry services in London, basic repairs assistance, help with some plumbing projects and etc., you need to be able to explain to them exactly what you want. To be able to do that, you first need to know the difference between home renovation, restoration and remodelling. Nope, these are not three synonyms. These are construction and home improvement projects that vary in their:

  • Cost
  • Scale
  • Complexity
  • Length

Being able to tell the difference between them will help you plan your budget better and make the changes you want to make in your property.

What is a renovation?

If you search the definition of the word “renovation” in a standard English dictionary, you will see that it is described in the following way: “turning something into a good state of repair.” Therefore, it can easily be said that it is more or less the same thing as refurbishment or retrofitting. This is a home improvement project in which you renew some aspects of the home (its structure, appearance, etc.).

What is restoration?

Much like renovation, restoration is a project which aims at changing and improving the appearance and structure of the property. That can include various tasks, big or small, such as fixing floorboards or covering wall holes.

The subtle difference between renovation and restoration

At first glance, it may seem that renovation and restoration are the same thing. But they are not. In restoration, the goal is to restore the house to its original or close-to-original look. That means that the materials which are used for such projects are either those that are already present on the property or old period ones. With renovation, on the other hand, you can rely on a combination of new and modern materials and old ones. The goal here is not so much to restore the original appearance or structure of the home but to renew and update it to give it a more modern twist.

What is remodelling?

Remodelling is an entirely different animal from renovation and restoration. This is a major and complex home improvement project in which you make big changes on the structure of the property – building or taking down walls, adding a new bedroom to the house, installing a heating or electricity system are just some of the examples for home remodelling.

As a rule of thumb, remodelling tends to be the priciest project of the three. It is also the most time-consuming one. So, if you are on a tight budget, you should go with renovation or restoration or even a combination of the two. Just choose whether you would like to preserve the old charm of your home or to give it a more modern look.

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