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We’re happy to help our London clients to manage all sorts of problems around their homes, offices, stores or virtually any household/commercial premises. From excellent painting services to dealing with plumbing problems and the issues with the electrical wiring – we are the company to call. Regardless if you need a carpenter to fix your kitchen door or need help dealing with a pest infestation – we’ll handle it like the pros we are.

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Hire True Handymen and you are guaranteed to get comprehensive handyman services in London. We work with reliable team of experts who quickly and successfully complete various projects, no matter how small or difficult they are.

Effective and cheap handyman services in London

We, at True Handymen, rely on a fleet of new and modern moving vans and tools, since they help us provide customers with speedy and convenient solutions. Our staff is made up of experienced and courteous professionals among which are handymen, carpenters, plumbers, painters, as well as electricians. Every one of our experts is fully trained and insured. Despite the high quality of our services, we prefer to keep our prices low. Our pricing is very clear and it is free of hidden fees. Each of our clients gets a personalized quote that effectively responds to the unique characteristics of the job for which we are booked.

Extensive selection of services in London that is hard to beat

Book us and you will gain access to comprehensive handyman solutions in London. Our long list of services is designed to easily and effectively help customers, no matter their financial situation or their needs:

  • Handyman – can be booked by domestic and business clients. The handymen we employ can assemble furniture pieces, hang mirrors or paintings, tile floors and so much more. They are also available for various odd jobs, including lifting furniture, boxing in and draught-proofing.
  • Carpentry – our meticulous carpenters can be hired for the assembling of furniture, floor fitting, door repairs, etc. Our staff can also construct furniture from scratch in case you need a bookshelf with certain proportions for your living room, for instance.
  • Painting – from cupboards and doors to floors and walls – we can paint everything in your house. Our personnel is even trained and equipped to fix wall cracks and hang wallpapers.
  • Plumbing – the company’s seasoned plumbers are qualified to replace or install waste disposal units, pipes, taps, washing machines and others. They also specialize in toilet unblocking, plumbing connections repairs and etc.
  • Electrical services – secure and quick way to solve any electrical faults you experience in your home or office. We replace, install and repair cabling, light fittings, sockets, circuits, wires and many more.
  • Pest control – a sure solution that will help you get rid of any pests on your property. Our pest control team uses professional equipment and will easily handle ants, fleas, wasps, mice, cockroaches and any other little insects and vermin.
  • After-builders cleaning – time-saving and moderately priced cleaning service. The firm’s skilled cleaners have access to non-toxic detergents and up-to-date equipment and are prepared to take on small-scale or major cleaning jobs.

Convenient handyman services in London

True Handymen is very flexible when it comes to its working schedule and service prices. Our competent personnel can also be hired for unusual jobs, like building a tree house or a pram ramp, for example. Just get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest.

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Our Mission

Our main goal is to help customers in London to deal with all sorts of home and office situations, related to repairs or house/office improvements. We aim to bring the best quality in terms of handyman services at the lowest rates in the capitol.


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