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Painting Services In London

We offer private and business customers across London access to quality painting and decorating services at excellent prices. In order to ensure high standard of work and best possible results we have teamed up with highly experienced painters and decorators qualified in various types of painting and restoration. There is no project too big or too small for us to handle – all painting and restoration work undertaken.

Interior and exterior painting projects

Our highly experienced painters are just as good in both interior and exterior paint, repaint and renovation projects. Complete property repaints can also be organised for at very good prices. Customers usually have highly varied painting requirements this is why the service is modified as per individual needs and wants without excess costs or unnecessary hassles.

If it can be painted we will paint it

Years of industry experience and professional dedication of our painter teams allow them to yield exceptional results on a variety of jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Full and partial interior/exterior paint and repaint projects;
  • Walls and ceilings (including feature & textured walls), interior & exterior woodwork/metalwork;
  • Varnish and lacquering of timber, hardwood floors, woodwork;
  • Restoration and sealing (weather proofing) of pergolas, decking etc.
  • Specialised restoration/repaint of front doors, exterior fixtures (ornate fence pickets, gates etc.)
  • Two-pack & composite surface sealing, clear coating for high traffic areas (high strength, glass-like finishes);
  • Specialised oil based painting and restoration for delicate interior/exterior features, use of high gloss professional paint systems;
  • Multi coat priming and painting of large exterior and interior surfaces using industrial grade compressors and equipment;
  • Gaping and filling, priming and blemish removal, sanding, degreasing and polishing of surfaces prior to painting/lacquering/varnishing;

The paint systems we use

In order to deliver best possible results within a short period of time, and at a reasonable cost we use only industry grade paint systems. Depending on the project we are dealing with, our painters will choose and apply the right products in the correct amounts and order. Our guys are highly skilled and efficient with water based interior and exterior, oil based systems, low sheens, high gloss, acrylics, weather-tough paints, two-pack clear/gloss systems, decking oils, metal and wood primers, sealants and fibre putties, varnishes and lacquers and many more.

Wall PaintingOur handyman in London also handle a variety of renovation projects where existing surfaces and materials are mechanically and/or chemically stripped of old paint and finish and then retreated and repainted with modern paint systems. Please be advised though that renovating is no magic and can only bring so much of the former good looks of surfaces and materials. Visually and physically, reconditioned surfaces and materials revive at about 75-80%. We use high quality products and materials when performing restoration and reconditioning.

Keep in mind that exterior paint and repaint projects are only carried out in fair weather as rain, high wind or extremely low/high temperatures would affect most paint systems thus reducing the optimal quality of results. We would be happy to reschedule. We can assist customers with colour selection, colour matching, surface finishing and those all-important final touches.