How to Get Rid of Common Household Pests

Have a pest problem? Bug infestation at home is not fun but it is time to do something about it. Most of us immediately reach for commercial poisons and sprays, which can harm more than just pests. Insect repellents and other sprays contain pesticides that may cause respiratory distress or seizures in children. A safer way to eliminate all the bugs efficiently is to hire a health-friendly pest control service in London and let professionals take care of it. But before you, perhaps you first want to try simple and yet effective natural techniques to rid your house of unwanted visitors.

How to get rid of termites

Termites live in colonies that are connected by tunnels through which they travel to look for food – wood. You can find them in warm places near food sources, but they can be also found inside the house, causing damage to wooden doors, window frames, door frames, stairs, cabinets, or shelves. Unfortunately, the damage is only visible after it is significant. To get rid of it in the early stage, inspect the areas you think are infected by termites. If the knife you are using to poke the surface penetrates the wood to a depth of a half inch or more, the wood is probably damaged. Here is what you can do to get rid of termites on your own:

  • Wood treatments – the treatments that are applied directly onto the wood to eliminate all pests that feed on it
  • Soil treatments around the house – to prevent termites from getting inside the house, these treatments are applied around a house’s borderlines
  • Create a bait system – this treatment is effective but takes time. The goal is to lure termites into the bait they will take back to their nests

How to get rid of ants

Even though they are pretty harmless, except for the fact that some species can bite or sting, ants crawling around your house can be annoying and irritant. Ants normally come in looking for food and they won’t stay long after the food sources are gone. How to get rid of them? Well, you can try with essential oils. Mix several drops of peppermint and lemon or orange oils with water. Then, spray around the areas where ants are found or in small cracks and holes you think they are hiding. Bait system can also work.

How to get rid of spiders

Just like ants, most spiders are harmless but there are species that can cause nausea, infections and other serious health complications. Spiders can live for years, as long as they have food and water. When getting rid of them, you can try a simple technique by using a vacuum to suck them up. Make sure you clean the bag outside immediately. You can also use a mixture of peppermint oil and water and spray the corners of your house. Cedar mulch can also be effective since spiders don’t like its strong smell.

Pest-free household

DIY natural pests control options can help you keep pests out of your home. However, in case some of these homemade alternatives just don’t work, consider hiring a professional pest control service.

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