Tiles, Pots and More Things You Should Never Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make everything look like new, right? Wrong! While it is a good idea to repaint the walls of your home or the exterior of your house every few years or so, there are some things you should never, ever paint because:

  • It is not safe
  • Not all surfaces can or should be treated with paint
  • That may lead to unexpected consequences
  • You will reduce the value of the item

Can you guess which items we are talking about? No need because we will now take a careful look at each of them and explain why giving them a quick paint makeover is such a bad choice.

A hidden danger

Forget about painting anything that gets in direct contact with your food. Pots, pans, flatware, plates or kitchen appliances such as fridges, ovens, BBQs and etc. are a no-paint zone. Most types of paints (with the sole of exception of food paint maybe) contain a mix of many different chemicals. That is why even the fumes from a paint tin can be dangerous for one’s health in small and poorly ventilated spaces.

Decrease the value of the painted item

Do your old piano or hardwood floor look a little worn off? Don’t rush for the paintbrush. This will certainly lower their value. It is best if you preserve their original appearance even if it is now a far cry from its heydays. The same also goes for antique furniture.

Paint is not a universal solution for all surfaces

One of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your home is to do some painting here and there. However, pick your targets carefully because not all surfaces can or should be painted. For example, if you give such a makeover to your faucet, tiles or shower door frames, you will not enjoy durable results. The paint will chip off in no time. Painting your kitchen countertop is also a bad idea since A) it is not very healthy; B) the paint will become stained from the food you prep there.

A warranty killer

Not many people feel the urge to paint the rim of their flat-screen TV or the back of their tablet but if you, for some reason, want to do that to any of your electronic devices, we beg you not to. Why? We will give you two reasons. Firstly, the results will not look anywhere near good. The glossy surface of modern-day electronics and paint are a match made not in heaven but in hell. Secondly, doing that will simply destroy your warranty.

To play it safe and avoid such mistakes hire a local professional or a licensed handyman company that can provide you with risk-free painting services in London. Skilled painters know what and what not to paint and will protect you from any blunders. Plus, those pros are fully equipped and well-prepared which means that you will not need to spend money on things like brushes, sprayers, rollers or trays.

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