Just Bought a Home? Avoid These Renovation Blunders

Buying a new property is usually followed by a major renovation. But, after all, we all want to give the house we plant to call home a spin of our own. If you too are looking to buy a new place for you and your family but you have never renovated a house or even a small flat, you are highly likely to make a few mistakes along the way. All new homeowners do. Most of those blunders are about:

  • Putting the cart before the horse
  • Failing to see the home’s unique character
  • Sticking to familiarity
  • Going into a full DIY mode
  • Turning a blind eye on additional expenses and slowdowns

So, why do new homeowners make these renovation mistakes? We will help you find out!

Putting renovation on top of your to-do list

Do not start a big renovation project unless you have lived a few months in the house. Do this and we guarantee that, at some point, you will start to view the property in a new way. For instance, you may realise that you want more natural light in your living room or that you wish you had an extra cupboard in the kitchen. Most first-time buyers make this mistake and they end up doing a second renovation.

Focusing too much on the current trends

Trends never last. Therefore, decorating and arranging your new home in accordance with the latest colour, layout and interior design tendencies is always a huge mistake. In just a few years, your once trendy house may be nothing more than an eyesore. To give you an example, avocado-coloured bathrooms were incredibly popular in the 1980s and today they are a big no-no. Waterbeds were also quite trendy once upon a time but now we know better.

Ignoring the home’s original style

Let’s say that you have always dreamt of living in a house that has a rustic vibe. And so, you move into your brand-new home and you turn it into a country-life dream on the inside. On the outside, however, the building is quite contemporary with large and heavy stack doors. It is clear that this is simply not a good combination.

Too scared to be creative

You enjoyed the old layout of your previous home and so you plan to apply it into your new house. Or maybe you chose to repaint the walls of the property with their old colour. Do not be scared to do something different. Give rein to your creativity and think outside the box. If you don’t do that, you will end up living in a dull house.

Not using professional help

Unless you have years of experience renovating homes, do not go into a full-blown DIY mode. Hire professional and they will not only help you get everything done quickly and properly but they may also help you out by giving you amazing renovation or home décor ideas.

Assuming there will be no unexpected expenses or delays

Even if you pride yourself on your ability to meet deadlines or fit into budgets that are very tight, do not forget to set some money aside for unexpected expenses. For instance, you may want to use all-around after builders cleaning services in London. Be ready to deal with delays too because they happen even to the most experienced of homeowners.

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